Our full value chain stretches from produce to human capital development. Through our structured capacity building programmes via our demonstration centres of excellence, we can proudly present ourselves as active modern day players in sustainable youth community empowerment schemes.
We offer you a broad range of services to meet your needs: Whether you are a SME, or a cooperative group.

ONNACS provides you with specialized services and solutions to meet your organization’s business expectations. We guide you through from the basic skeletal infrastructure needed for startup to finished product processing. We rely upon a series of un-complex and unified intelligent methods to integrate your business processes.

ONNACS promises to deliver World-Class services to meet every level of agribusiness requirement organization may need.

ONNACS Capacity Building Products Includes:

  • Snail farm construction & Snail breeding
  • Poultry farming
  • Fish Pond consturction & Fish breeding
  • Fingerling hatching