One of the newest and most rapidly developing parts of agriculture is that of growing animals in water. This science is called aquaculture. Many of the foods we eat were grown in the water. The amount of fish and seafood eaten by Nigerians is increasing each year. Experts tell us that eating fish is nutritious and makes a good addition to the diet. It is high in protein and low in calories. The fat content is lower than that of red meat, and it helps prevent health problems. As people become more health conscious, the demand for fish and seafood will increase.

Only during the past 25 years has aquaculture become a major industry in this country. Up until that time, most of the fish sold in the markets were caught from the wild. The ocean simply cannot sustain enough fish to meet the demand. To provide people with a supply of fish, fish farms came into production. Fish are very efficient farm animals. This means that a pound of weight can be put on these animals with less feed than other agricultural animals.

By far the most important food fish grown in Nigeria is the catfish. These are raised in all part of the country because they are fresh-water fish. Catfish are different from most other fish. They have smooth skin instead of scales. They are meaty and have a mild flavour. Also, catfish fit well into farming operations because they are hardy and tolerate relatively low oxygen content in the water.

The production of catfish begins with the breeding process. Through a system called selective breeding, superior fish are used to provide eggs for hatching. Factors such as growth rate and meatiness of the fish are used to determine which fish are superior.

At Onnacs int, we lay more emphasize on how to produce quality and fast growing fish; because many farmers who put their money in fish farming failed because of poor quality of the procured fingerlings and insufficient knowledge.

Our fish breeding objectives here are:

  • To breed fish broodstock with high fertility that, when combined with good management inputs, easily deliver thousands of fries, fingerlings and juveniles.
  • To breed catfish that is hardy and display above average disease resistance with minimal animal health inputs.
  • To supply fingerlings and juvenile catfish that are exotic, functional, hardy and that are an economic asset for majority of our customers.
  • Facts:
  • People find it difficult to get the fast growing species of catfish. But, at Onnacs int, we have quality fingerlings you can start your fish farming business with. Our catfish species grow faster and heavier than any other catfish.
  • Good hatching abilities significantly contribute to profitability in fish farming.
  • Hardiness and disease resistance reduce your input costs and contribute to profitability.

Are you weary of investing a large amount of capital in fish farming with the cheapest fingerlings and juvenile available, only to be disappointed when the fish rapidly loose condition and lack good growth when you get them to your farm? Our exotic, fast growing fingerlings and juveniles will change your attitude.

Today, we have succeeded in breeding quality fish fingerlings and juveniles in our farm and people come for supplies from us.

We remain committed to providing farmers with improved fingerlings and juveniles with fast growth and early harvesting. Our fish species are always a sure bet, exceeding farmers’ expectations in terms of performance and profitability in all the farms across the country where they are being used.